The Solution

Prevention. Self-Management. Resilience.

MYMUP provides a digital solution that supports the growing demand for healthcare services, focusing on prevention and self-management through building resilience and emotional wellbeing across health populations. MYMUP is the digital solution to health and wellbeing, closing the gap between health and mental health.

The Vision

MYMUP's vision is to close the gap between health and mental health by increasing access to digital, online self-help interventions. MYMUP will reach over 1 million patients in the UK through digital technology by 2020.

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Personal Architecture

MYMUP's personal architecture programme is based on tried and tested psychological theory (Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs 1943) which helps to build resilience and promote emotional wellbeing across a health population of all ages.

MYMUP enables patients to identify issues at an early stage diverting away from expensive crisis services. If integrated into your mental health pathway, our interventions build resilience and promote emotional wellbeing, preventing issues that would easily escalate into crisis.